Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Resistance to the Iraq War

It is now time to give Thanksgivings. Thanks for the great profits which the Industrial Military Complex has experienced. Thanks for the great oil fields we now control in Iraq. Hell, it's only taken 3,875 dead American Troops and about 30,000 casualties. Casualties mean legs, arms, and eyes blown away and brains jarred beyond belief. Also, more than 700,000 Iraqis have paid with their lives.
Thanks for making it perfectly clear that the opinion of 70% of the American People does not matter in this Pseudo Democracy. I saw this phrase in a Pakistan story. I have been describing this condition as facade democracy.
The System, otherwise known as the Class System is in control. It in fact is the very same system which ordained the European Monarchies. The control of the system was solidified by marriage. These bloodlines can be traced to corporate American. Just study the genealogy of those who control 51% of the stock market. Those who are not considered members of these families exhibit complete loyalty to the System.
These are the people who decided they could start a drug war the day after Prohibition was deemed unconstitutional, so they wouldn't have to disband their army, described by Anslinger as being in force from sea to sea and border to border.
Today the Drug War edict controls every Badge in America. It also controls the best opportunities for the worker class by imposing drug testing. This, on the very back's of those, whose shoulders Capitalism rides.
Bush is related to Queen Elizabeth, and thus to all the assholes I've been talking about. Get the picture? Why do you think he likes Czars so much? Lobbyists for these people influence the Politicians who are for all intents and purposes, loyalists.

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