Monday, November 19, 2007


This is my truck Vindicator and the fuck bush sign.
I got falsely arrested by the Austin Police at an anti-war protest. The complainer who put the nails in the coffin was one of the organizers of the protest.
Now the Police Department is having to deal with a law suit. I have recently collected a paltry sum from the Dept. of Public Safety. Since I have had occasion to defeat the forces who stand against the constitution within the Austin Police
Department beforehand, this time I'm pushing for as much as my attorney is willing to sue for. They will learn that America is still free and that the Church does not dictate what is to be considered appropriate expression.
Every time I get a Fuck sign ticket, or am arrested it is because some Republican or Religious Right Asshole uses the pious card to influence the law to violate the constitution.
My sign was confiscated. I'm pissed.

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