Monday, November 12, 2007

Introducing the LongHair Revolution...

Welcome to the battle. I have been waiting for you, both friend and foe. This war will be fought with words and concepts. No blood will be shed, for the blood has already been shed.
The Long Hair Revolution is a peaceful revolution in thinking. Through thinking we arrive at understanding. Understand this. The Aristocracy, which amounted to the establishment, otherwise known as Tories, Who swore to hang George Washington are still with us.
The reason they are still with us is because Washington pardoned them, and let them go back to their country clubs and financial institutions and retain the financial reins on the country with a simple pledge that they would not attack the constitution, that instrument designed to keep them in check.
Before the ink dried on the constitution, these elitist by birth began plotting the erosion of the constitution. ["Bush: The Unauthorized Biography"] is a good source for understanding The Bush New World Order and the relationship the Bush family has to the Tories and who these Tories are, and the corporate control they exercise using your money. In other words, by controlling 51%, they double their financial power all the while dictating policy.
Longhair is the flag of the Longhair Revolution. These people are the flag bearers. Salute them. The majority of those with the Revolution are not Long Hairs, and the front line warriors are out in the streets protesting Capitalist Imperialists.

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