Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is where I lived from January of 2005 to June of 2006. The fire is in a Benjamin Franklin wood stove that Conlay got out of the Beer Garden. Behind me is an anchor brought up from the Gulf of Mexico by a shrimp boat. On the privacy fence are glass balls used by Japanese fishermen. Quite a few beers were consumed in front of this fire. Conlay had been living on the street, and when he moved in his homeless friends got a place to drink away from the prying eyes of the police.
I found this place by chance. I was early to the tax office to get my truck registered so I drove around the neighborhood and saw the for rent sign on the duplex. The front part which was for rent had a barren yard and faced the street, and wasn't very appealing. I thought that if the neighbors were cool It might be alright since they had a nice back yard.
I knocked on the door and asked Kathy if they were cool. She said they were the coolest, so we smoked a joint which I had. Kathy and Jay were moving across a little wet weather creek right behind this house, so I got their place the next week.
When I left in June of 2006 I left my TV and my king size bed. Kalif and I took off to Colorado for the National Rainbow gathering. Since then I have been living in a tent, but will be moving in doors in the near future.(1/22/08)